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We aim to deliver WOW! We are focused on your success from implementation to support and upgrades

Your Success is Our Top Priority.

Fulfilling the needs of our Clients is imbedded in our DNA and is priority number one. In fact, every product, every Client interface, every partnership is built and nutured to help grow your business with minimal intrusion.
  • Get Started Quickly
  • No Heavy Lift
  • Immediate ROI
We work for you. It’s part of our DNA.

We Work For You. It’s Part of Our DNA.

The last thing you need is technology that’s difficult to use and nearly impossible to deploy. You might ask yourself, what happens after the contract is signed? Who do I call if I have a problem? Am I getting a partner or just a vendor?

Ringmaster Technologies is only successful if you are successful. Our Stop-Loss and Pharmacy Benefit Management experts will be by your side every step of the way. Think of us as an extension of your team. We aim to deliver a WOW experience with every interaction.

“Their system and people are amazing. They exceeded our expectations on many levels”
TPA Client

What You Get with Ringmaster

Dedicated Implementation Team

Your implementation specialists will work with you hand in hand to build the agenda and training curriculum for your onboarding process. They will ensure your team ramps up quickly and effectively. They will be working along side you each step of the way.

Client Service Managers

As a customer of Ringmaster, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager (AM). Your AM is responsible for ensuring your overall success, serving as your primary point of contact for any business concerns or support escalation needs, and helping you to get the most value out of existing or new feature enhancements.

Customer Support Experts

Whenever you have a question or want to talk to a friendly face, our customer support team is also ready to help. You can email support at [email protected] or by calling us at (913) 521-2208.

You can also access our knowledge base or submit a support ticket through our application by clicking on the ? in the top right corner of the application

Your Journey to Success in 5 Easy Steps!

We do the heavy lifting throughout the entire onboarding process to minimize your resource expenditure and provide the foundation for your success.