Ringmaster Technologies Teams up with WLT Software Enterprises to Transform Insurance Underwriting

January 6, 2019 – Ringmaster Technologies (Overland Park, KS) and WLT Software Enterprises (Clearwater, FL) announced today a business partnership to deliver technology-backed insurance underwriting in accordance with the expectations of the WLT payer customers. The partnership will deliver a data integration interface with WLT’s MediClaim and CompClaims applications to support Ringmaster’s newest application – Smart-LinQ.  Smart-LinQ will provide healthcare payers with an automated, integrated system for enhanced Stop-Loss policy administration and improved reporting.  

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with WLT to expand their adjudication system capabilities. Ringmaster’s overall objective is to help TPAs/Agencies and Stop-Loss underwriters to realize the benefits of replacing traditional underwriting processes with advanced ones. It is AI that isthe core of the Smart-LinQ application which provides an integrated solution for administrative cost control by removing the manual processes associated with reporting and filings associated with Stop-Loss contracts. We achieve this through a centralized, integrated approach using cloud-based technology to process multiple data feeds that will go beyond human ability and trigger actions based upon configurable events,” said Todd Roberti, CEO of Ringmaster.

“WLT Software is excited to kick off the new year by forming a business partnership with Ringmaster Technologies. We are continually looking to enhance our clients’ experience with the MediClaims system by integrating with leading industry service providers and we feel we are furthering that model by working with Ringmaster Technologies. Their innovative and advanced solutions will allow our clients to continue to stay on top in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace,” said Shelley Van Etten, CEO of WLT Software

The Interface between WLT and Ringmaster’s Smart-LinQ application will be available for WLT clients to subscribe immediately. New customers can sign up for a free demo of Smart-LinQ on the Contact Us page of Ringmaster’s website at www.ringmastertech.com

About Ringmaster Technologies, Inc.
Ringmaster is a cloud-based healthcare software provider created to simplify and enhance administrative processes by utilizing cutting edge technologies. Ringmaster offers the first fully automated workflow optimization solution that will drastically slash processing time and complexity while minimizing the turnaround time for Stop-Loss quoting, contracting, and policy administration. Ringmaster Technologies – Making Workflows Work Smarter.  For more information, please visit www.ringmastertech.com

About WLT Software Enterprises, Inc.
Founded in 1979, WLT Software has established itself as a leading provider of advanced employee benefits administration and claims processing software and systems for Insurance Companies, Government Employee Plans, TPAs, Cost Containment Companies and Self Administered Groups. For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.wltsoftware.com

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