Ringmaster® Technologies, Inc Announces Its Collaboration With Optum Rx® to Advance Its Healthcare Stop-Loss Procurement Process

Boca Raton, FL (August 1, 2022) – Ringmaster® Technologies (RMT) announces its collaboration with Optum Rx®, the pharmacy care services business of UnitedHealth Group, to provide enhanced connectivity and increase transparency between Optum Rx, third-party administrators and stop-loss carriers/MGUs. The combination of Ringmaster’s cloud-based, integrated technology, enterprise data warehouse and extensive strategic partnerships and Optum Rx’s PBM advantages will significantly improve workflow, simplify the stop-loss procurement process, help manage cost and deliver meaningful PBM sourcing solutions and clinical programs to drive superior outcomes for all stakeholders.

Ringmaster is the only technology solution built exclusively for stop-loss procurement from market to bind to administer to renew.  By stepping into the ring, TPAs and carriers/MGUs take advantage of modernized technology that revolutionizes an antiquated process, efficiently manages RFP/Quoting and claims management workflow, enables “real time” communication and data access and now integrates the PBM resources of Optum Rx which will add value through the supply chain ultimately benefiting the consumer.

“We are extremely excited to be collaborating with Optum Rx to deliver a solution to the marketplace that provides consistent, unmatched coordination between stop-loss, PBM’s and TPAs,” stated Todd Roberti, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ringmaster. “By working together, we’ve created a solution that provides accountability, transparency and comprehensive risk avoidance throughout the entire stop-loss procurement process while enabling access to care that puts the member first.”

About Ringmaster Technologies®, Inc.

Ringmaster is a cloud-based healthcare solutions provider created to simplify and enhance administrative processes by utilizing cutting edge technologies. Combining over a decade of expertise in both the healthcare and technology industries, Ringmaster offers the first Fully Automated Workflow Optimization Solution that will drastically reduce processing time and complexity while minimizing the turnaround time for Stop-Loss quoting, contracting, and policy administration. Whether you’re on the buy-side or the sell-side, Ringmaster is committed to modernizing Stop-Loss administration and creating optimal cost savings, value and growth to your organization. 
Transforming and Connecting the Entire Healthcare Stop-Loss Ecosystem.

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