Ringmaster Technologies Appoints Deborah Rotz as Vice President of Underwriting Partnerships

Hudson, OH (February 5, 2020) – Ringmaster Technologies, a leading healthcare software provider in the U.S., announced today the appointment of Debbie Rotz as Vice President of Underwriting Partnerships.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the creative, forward-thinking team at Ringmaster. The Stop-Loss industry knows it’s behind the curve in embracing technology and is ripe for disruption. Ringmaster’s cloud-based software solutions provide connectivity and automation that increase predictability, deliver real-time functionality, reduce human error and make workflows work smarter. It truly is the first of its kind in our industry and is adaptive to meet not only the needs of today but of tomorrow as well. I look forward to developing strategic partnerships with Stop-Loss carriers and MGUs that recognize the value our software solutions bring to their business and to their business partners,” said Debbie Rotz.

Debbie is based in San Diego, CA and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge from the sell-side of the equation based on 30+ years with the likes of Symetra, ING, Manulife, and The Hartford. As Vice President of Underwriting Partnerships, Debbie will be executing Ringmaster’s newly formed strategy for sell-side underwriters. This strategy is extremely valuable to the company’s long-term business model and is related to the work being done to advance the company’s Quote-LinQ user experience. Debbie’s role is critical as Ringmaster’s future product solutions are substantial. Debbie will report to John Harts, Chief Revenue Officer.

“I’m excited to have Debbie on the team. Her extensive carrier background and underwriting knowledge will be valuable to Ringmaster’s ability to drive value to this important aspect of the Stop-Loss ecosystem. I believe Ringmaster is uniquely positioned to drive meaningful efficiency gains and workflow improvements to our underwriting and claims stakeholders. Debbie’s experience and drive will help to make this a reality,” said Gene Pompili, President of Ringmaster.

About Ringmaster Technologies, Inc.
Ringmaster is a cloud-based healthcare solutions provider created to simplify and enhance administrative processes by utilizing cutting edge technologies. Combining over a decade of expertise in both the healthcare and technology industries, Ringmaster offers the first Fully Automated Workflow Optimization Solution that will drastically slash processing time and complexity while minimizing the turnaround time for Stop-Loss quoting, contracting, and policy administration. Whether you’re on the buy-side or the
sell-side, Ringmaster is committed to modernizing the entire Healthcare Stop-Loss ecosystem while creating optimal cost savings, value, and growth to your organization.
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