Ringmaster Technologies and EBIX Health Partner to Improve Stop-Loss Administration

Overland Park, KS & Johns Creek, GA (September 24, 2019) – Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance, financial, healthcare and e-learning industries today announced that Ringmaster and EBIX Health have formed a partnership that will deliver a data integration interface to support RMT’s newest application – Smart-LinQ. Smart-LinQ will provide healthcare payers with an automated, integrated system for enhanced stop-loss policy administration and improved reporting. 

“The purpose of RMT’s Smart-LinQ application is to provide an integrated solution for administrative cost control by removing the manual processes associated with reporting and filing Stop-Loss contracts. We achieve this through a centralized, integrated approach using cloud-based technology to process multiple data feeds, normalize different file formats and automatically trigger actions based upon configurable events,” said Todd Roberti, CEO of Ringmaster. “EBIX Health has been an innovator over the years and I am excited about the opportunities that will arise from the integration of our two platforms”.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients advanced technology through our relationship with RMT. Using RMT’s automated processes, our clients will see reduced administrative overhead and automatically be able to track specific, aggregate and aggregating spec deductibles, across both medical and Rx, claims allowing notices and filings to be sent to MGUs/Carriers without any manual reporting or intervention”, said Mark Brown Vice President of Sales, EBIX Health Division. “RMT has over a decade of healthcare and technology experience which, when combined with their unique platform, make them an extremely valuable partner”.
Version 1.0 of Smart-LinQ is immediately available for subscription. If you’re not an existing customer, you can sign up for a free demo of Smart-LinQ on the Contact Us page of RMT’s website at www.ringmastertech.com/contact

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About Ringmaster Technologies, Inc. Ringmaster is a cloud-based healthcare software provider created to simplify and enhance administrative processes by utilizing cutting edge technologies. RMT offers the first fully automated workflow optimization solution that will drastically slash processing time and complexity while minimizing the turnaround time for Stop-Loss quoting, contracting, and policy administration. Ringmaster Technologies – Making Workflows Work Smarter. For more information, please visit www.ringmastertech.com