Quote to Contract Made Easy.

Product Features

Get up and running quickly before the busy season starts.  Based on our experience with TPA clients and Carrier/MGU partners, the Quote-LinQ implementation process can be done within 5 Days of proposal acceptance.  There is no heavy IT lift required.

Dashboard Analytics

Get a single pane of glass view into your entire book of business.  No more spreadsheets or share drives.  You will see Win / Loss ratios, Decline to Quote percentages and current quote status across all of your new or existing groups in one single dashboard.

Increased Win Rates

You will be able to accelerate the RFP process, help partners drive efficiencies and WIN more business.  This is all accomplished via real-time access, using standardized RFPs accepted by the largest Stop-Loss underwriters in the country.

Side-by-side RFP Comparison

Build and deliver detailed Stop-Loss analysis without manual intervention.  Our side-by-side market study feature allows you to quickly compare any proposal from any underwriter with the click of a button.  You can even communicate with them and provide status updates in real-time.

Expansive Underwriter Reach

The RMT Marketplace gives you the ability to immediately access some of the largest and most prominent, Stop-Loss underwriters and MGUs in the country.  This can all be accomplished without ever leaving your office.

Match Index

Allows TPAs and agencies to align group specific characteristics with underwriters and their unique risk profile through a series of whitelist and blacklist parameters. You will never accidentally send a non-matching group to your underwriting partners again.

Automated Client Proposals

You will never have to waste precious time manually entering data from multiple carrier proposals into a spreadsheet  for your group or broker.  Our proposal feature will automatically include the market study in your existing proposal.